From DIY to Commercial: How Slime Companies Have Transformed the Industry

The surge of the slime industry in recent years is mind-blowing. The slime story started a few years back when some individuals wanted to create a gooey substance that was safe to touch and allowed them to feel tactile sensations. They shared their recipes with social media, and children started to become fond of them. With the never-ending possibilities of customizing your slime, kids wanted to try slime-making and do it their way.

With time, everybody wants to own a slime collection. Its popularity grew across all ages and demographics, and some business-minded individuals saw an opportunity. Slowly, what was a trend on social media led people to open small-scale slime businesses. With time, the world began to experience growth in the slime company. In this article, we will further delve into how slime companies transformed the industry and the future of slime in the world.

In the Beginning: The DIY Craze

The primary history of slime companies can be traced back to the early 2010s. During this period, hobbyists and crafters were on a DIY train. They experimented with so many ingredients and gradually discovered slime. Since it was appealing to the touch sensors of the body, most of them assumed children would love it, while some saw it as a means of therapy for some people with certain conditions.

If the slime trend had started in the late 1900s, only a few people would have been into it due to a lack of Internet access. As opposed to the early 2010s, people were starting to spend time on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. These social media platforms contributed a lot to slime’s popularity, which led to the growth of one slime company and then the other and, now, an industry.

Factors That Contributed to the Slime Popularity

Aside from the impact of social media, some other factors have contributed to the growth of the slime industry. They include:

Simple Ingredients

The essential ingredients used in making the traditional slime are so simple. All one needs are home ingredients like glue, Borax, and water. The easy accessibility to these ingredients made kids want to try it by themselves.


Slimes can be toned up by adding additional ingredients like glitters and beads. For this reason, everybody wanted to make their slime and have it their way. However, not everyone got the recipes right, so those who could make slime correctly decided to make the craft profit-making.


Although most people needed to get the recipes right, slime-making helped improve people’s creativity, especially children. Slime time helped to combat excess screen time and allowed kids to let their imaginations run wild with slime.

Stress Relief

Most adults realised that simply holding and squeezing a ball of slime helps to relieve stress. The tactile sensation has helped many people connect with themselves as they take time to relax. Those who use slime balls to take away stress know they would opt for an already-made slime rather than a DIY one. Hence, they slowly improved the industry to meet their needs.


The evolution of slime companies is beautiful. However, people have yet to learn what lies ahead in the future. With the different slime types, the industry will definitely not be winding up anytime soon!

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