Keep Your Flammable Cabinets Compliant With This Guide

One step in keeping your workplace safe is to have a flammable storage cabinet, but you could have the very best flammable liquid storage cabinet and it would be of no use if you don’t use it properly, so here’s the best way to remain compliant and use the storage cabinet correctly.   

Start of Right

Once you’ve installed your new flammable liquid storage cabinet, there are some things to keep in mind so you don’t use it incorrectly.

  • Chemical deliveries should be put in the cabinets immediately.
  • Check Your deliveries to ignore excess stocks. 
  • Never overload a flammable liquid cabinet beyond its approved storage capacity, this will be found on the label on the cabinet. 
  • Remove excess packaging from around the chemicals as these are combustible and increase hazards. 
  •  Wipe the exterior of the cabinets and make sure lids are secure before containers are returned to the cabinet. 
  •     Ensure nothing blocks the self-closing doors to the cabinets. 
  •     Don’t place any items in the sump.
  •     Don’t waste shelf space on non-flammables. 
  •     Never place ignition sources near the cabinets, for example, matches, lighters, and the like. 
  •     Keep the top of the cabinet clear and don’t let it be used as a shelf.

Pay Attention to Signage & Lighting

In Australia, all hazardous chemicals should be kept in well-lit spaces and have the appropriate signage and placards. The following are requirements of the Australian Safety Standards and are applicable by law. 

  • Cabinet signs and markings must be fully visible at all times when the door is closed. 
  • Warning signs and levels shouldn’t be covered in any way. 
  • Missing signs should be replaced immediately. 
  • Lighting must be safe and functional, this means it should allow things to be seen clearly without becoming an ignition source.

Keep Safety In Mind

When it comes to the area around your flammable liquid storage cabinet safe, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t allow maintenance and repair work to happen near the cabinets, this may result in the generation of sparks and flames. 
  • Don’t allow people to climb into the cabinet for any reason.
  • Make sure there isn’t vehicular access to the area unless crash bollards are in place. 
  •  Ensure no personnel brings incompatible cabinets and ignition sources into the area. 
  •  Make sure there’s clear space between the cabinet, first aid kit, and other safety areas such as eyewash stations and safety showers.

Maintain The Cabinet

Beyond the above the most important thing is to keep your cabinet well-maintained. 

  •     Check the cabinet regularly for corrosion, spills, any dents, and other damage. 
  •     Follow up with incidents to the cabinet and didn’t report it. 
  •     Inspect any containers inside the cabinet for signs of deterioration. 
  •     Check that the doors remain closing automatically and that everything is in working order.  

One Last Thing

Now that you understand the basics of taking care of your flammable cabinets, you are bound to notice that these pieces of safety equipment take a lot of work. If you need any guidance, there are experts in the field ready to help with risk assessments, installation, and maintenance. One such group of experts is at Spill Station Australia. Contact them anytime for guidance on your safety procedures. 

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