Tips for Choosing the Right Sized Packaging Boxes

Choosing the right sized packaging boxes doesn’t only save you from spending more money than you need to, but also ensures any packages you’re sending are adequately protected during transit or can be held safely during storage. This article will go over some tips to help make choosing the right boxes for packaging easier.

Determine What Your Needs Are

Depending on what you need packaging boxes for, you’ll need to choose different ones for different situations. For instance, if you need boxes for moving house, you’ll want to choose a sturdy packaging box that’s big enough to store any awkwardly shaped items you might be transporting and durable enough to protect them.

If packing items for self-storage, you’ll want to ensure that the boxes themselves don’t have any open seams or gaps that could allow dust and other particles to rest on your items for long periods. This can be especially critical when storing items such as musical instruments, as any dust, particles or moisture that manage to seep into the box could lead to rust, essentially devaluing your asset when it’s not in use.

You can be a bit more lenient when using packaging boxes for sending items, as it’s likely you’ll also be wrapping the items themselves separately in protective bubble wrap or other material. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also prioritise protective aspects of the box. While more durable boxes can add extra weight, the peace of mind is absolutely worth any extra cost.

Ensure the Box is Appropriately Sized

While it’s obvious to see why choosing a packaging box that is too small for your items is a bad idea, choosing packaging boxes that are too big is also not recommended. If the items you’re sending have too much room to move around during the shipping process, it’s highly likely they’ll become damaged or broken during transit.

The size of the box should be not too much bigger than the item itself. This will ensure that the item has limited mobility when being moved, enduring superior protection during the shipping and handling process. For awkwardly shaped items that don’t fit in conventional boxes, getting custom sized packaging boxes made is a great option. Most packaging distributors can make a box to suit your exact specifications, making it possible to ship or post almost any item.

Opt for Eco-Friendly if it Suits Your Brand

There’s no way around it – the packing and sending of goods leads to a huge amount of waste. While packaging boxes and some related shipping materials can be recycled, opting for an eco-friendlier option can be a way to eliminate waste at the source.

Due to being compostable and biodegradable, eco-friendly boxes can often cost up to three times more than conventional packaging boxes. However, if you’re particularly environmentally conscious or run a business in the green energy space, opting for eco-friendly packaging boxes and materials may make the most sense for your principles and brand.

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