A Chemical Paint Stripper to Do the Job

Removing paint can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to removing components that need refurbishing. Not to mention how difficult it can be to conduct building maintenance when there is the task of paint removal involved.

That is where a great paint stripper can really come in handy. It can cut down on the level of work required to get rid of that old paint, allowing you to get on to the important things in your day.

Gentle on Surfaces, Tough on Paint

What can a chemical paint stripper do for you? For starters, when it comes to re-manufacturing, there is the need to clean components. Which means that there are some instances where stripping the paint away has to happen. Doing so can mean avoiding things like shot peening and other abrasive methods that can damage the surface of the components or even get within, completely ruining it.

Using a paint stripper chemical can mean applying it directly to the area of need. That solvent will then begin to work as soon as possible, softening the paint, lacquer, and general coating material by penetrating it. When the chemical has done its work, the paint can be wiped, washed, or stripped away completely.

Stripper Gel

There are plenty of liquid paint thinners out there, but they contain harmful chemicals. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely difficult to control where that liquid ends up. By going with a gel paint stripper, you can control where the paint stripper goes and ensure that it stays there.

No dip tank needed, meaning you can apply the paint thinner by brush. No special equipment that might need to be sitting idle between jobs and no staff that requires special training in order to properly use it.

For maintenance crews in particular, having a gel paint stripper can be fantastic for vertical surfaces. It can be painted on and left to do its job. While that is happening, the crew can work on other jobs, coming back later to either wash or scrape off the paint and paint stripper together.

What is left is a surface that is either ready for repairs or repainting. It can also be used to remove things like graffiti that can make a building look unsightly. Get the best paint stripper for commercial and industrial needs.

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