8 Reasons Why Proper Packing is Important with Overseas Shipping

8 Reasons Why Proper Packing is Important with Overseas Shipping When you are shipping any product overseas into international markets it will have to travel long distances to reach its final destination. During its time in transit, it may become damaged or you may incur losses if it is not packed in proper packaging that will protect it on its journey. Ensuring your goods are safe and secure is an important part of shipping any merchandise overseas so be sure you take it seriously.

If you are sending smaller items it may be necessary to only get good boxes and some space filler, however, when shipping larger, heavier things it is likely you’ll need to find a company to help you with this. Whether you need crating, palletizing or shrink-wrapping you can find skilled professionals who are experts at customizing containers and boxes.  Here are a few key reminders as to why packing is so important.

  1. Long Distance Transit is Hard on Goods

When your product is on its way to its overseas destination it will be exposed to all kinds of things that can cause it damage. It is a long trip to reach international markets and during this time it will pass through many hands and be exposed to the elements. When you have taken the time to get it packaged in a safe and secure manner it is protected from the rigours of transit and you won’t have to worry during its journey.

  1. Climate Control

Depending on what your cargo includes having a climate controlled environment may be necessary and having a well-packed product can definitely create a better traveling condition for your merchandise. If you are not using a shipping method that includes climate control your freight may be exposed to extreme heat or cold and this can be hard on the items. Discuss this with those doing your packaging.

  1. Exposure to Saltwater

It is quite common when shipping items internationally that at some point of the journey it will travel by ocean freight. This means exposure to saltwater that can cause damage to any cargo that comes into contact with it due to corrosion especially if you are shipping untreated metals. It is possible to protect your goods from this with proper packaging and corrosion inhibiting products created for this specific reason.

  1. Loss Due to Theft

While this may not happen very frequently when you are shipping things internationally your cargo passes through a lot of hands so there is always a possibility you may lose something due to theft. When you have ensured your product is securely packed it can make this a much more difficult prospect for those wishing to pilfer your load. A professional packing company knows how to protect your cargo so it does not occur.

  1. Dampness and Moisture

One of the worst things for anything being shipped long distances is exposure to dampness and moisture as it can have a major damaging effect on most goods. With environmental elements like rain or temperature changes that can cause condensation you want to ensure you have protected your cargo from this. Consider shrink-wrapping your items if this is a concern and be sure your items are properly packaged.

  1. Mishaps During Shipping

Though you likely do not want to think about what could go wrong when you are sending something internationally there is always the possibility of minor or major mishaps occurring. This is why finding a company to customize your packing needs is important as they will make your cargo load as secure as possible so if it is dropped or banged it can handle the impact with minimal or no damage incurring.

  1. Contamination Due to Dust and Dirt

When loaded onto trains and trucks and then transported long distances your cargo may be exposed to a lot of dirt and dust. This is not ideal for most merchandise and may cause damage. If a load is protected because you have secured it well with the right packaging the chance of this happening to your items is lessened and this means fewer worries on your part.

  1. Shifting of Your Cargo Load

As your shipment is being loaded, unloaded and transported it will be subjected to things like shock and vibration. With trucking not all roads are smooth and any bumps will shift the load about. While ocean freighted, goods may have to deal with rough seas. In order to ensure your product is not damaged due to this find a professional to brace, secure and protect it as is necessary.

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