What does a leaky feeder cable do?

A leaky feeder cable is a type of electrical cable that transmits or delivers electrical current. The cable is designed to allow liquid to lubricate the inner conductors and help prevent corrosion due to electrolysis. Leaky feeders are typically designed for applications where it is difficult or impractical to keep them completely dry, such as submerged in water. They should not be used under any circumstances when installed above ground.

Many different types of cable are used to transmit electricity. Selecting the best kind of cable for a given application is one of the most important decisions an electrician or electrical engineer will make.

For example, suppose you are installing a new high-definition television into your living room. In that case, you may decide to use speaker wire to connect your television since it is available in lengths up to 100 feet and has two copper conductors inside each jacketed sheath. However, to achieve a 720p resolution, which requires the highest quality video images, you would have to use 24 gauge wire.

This wire is too thin to meet the electrical code requirements for a 2-conductor cable. In addition, this same size cable also has inadequate current-carrying capacity for specific devices, such as some speakers or electric drills.

Another example is wiring that requires an extra-heavy-duty cable with four heavy-duty copper conductors inside each jacketed sheath. This cable is commonly used in hospitals or large industrial facilities where many different types of current-carrying devices are used.

A leaky feeder cable is designed with a thinner jacket than what is required by code. Then a special coating is applied to the inside of the cable to make it waterproof. However, it becomes saturated with water, and an electrical charge builds up between the three copper conductors.

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