Top 5 Uses of Aluminum in the Building Industry

There is no doubt that the number one client for any aluminum supplier is the building trade. Whilst many industries rely upon a wide range of aluminum grades, there is no. doubt that construction consumes the largest volume of this metal.

In terms of using aluminum, Melbourne buildings are a great example of just how heavily the construction industry relies on this metal, with so many aspects of home and commercial buildings being created with a huge array of aluminum grades. The benefits of aluminum are that it is low cost, flexible, it has a great weight to strength ratio and it is perfect for insulation, to name just a few. Here are the top 5 uses of this metal within the building industry.

Window Frames

One particular property of aluminum that builders love is the fact that it is airtight. There are so many materials that can crack and warp over time — something that doesn’t happen with aluminum. This is why we often see the aluminum frames used around the windows, where being airtight is so critical to proper insulation in the building.


Not only is aluminum airtight, it is also incredibly light and strong, making it the perfect option for the structure of the roof of a building. Below the cladding and the tiles, you will find a strong and sturdy aluminum frame. This metal is non-corrosive and very easy to work with, which is why it is used on this area of a building.


Whilst many think that copper is most commonly used for electrical wires, owing to its conductivity, aluminum is also used a great deal in construction. Conductivity is not as high in aluminum as it is in copper, but for low output this is the preferred option because it is lightweight.


On the face of it staircases may appear as though they are made from concrete or timber, but at the base of that structure you will usually find a network of aluminum. This is used because of its long lifespan and its incredible strength to weight ratio. For many years we did see staircases built with a timber structure, but these are prone to warp over time, and they are not able to resist the changing in temperature in the same way that this metal can.


In terms of the demand from aluminum suppliers, stores are seeing a rise in large aluminum sheets that are being used for aesthetic value. Not only does brushed aluminum look great when added to the side of a modern building, it also offers environmentally friendly properties and heat conduction which minimizes energy use.

In almost every building that you see built in the last decade, you are sure to find a huge amount of aluminum that has been used on it. These are just 5 examples of where you will find aluminum in construction, but in reality the list is enormous, such are the clear benefits of using this metal when building homes and commercial properties.

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