Safety Tips to Work with Forestry Tools and Equipment

Logging can be dangerous when not handled with care. Forestry workers indulge in some of the highly risky and demanding tasks. They have to operate heavy-duty machines that displace and transport bulky logs. They work with several different kinds of saws and other related forestry equipment that needs a lot of care and attention.

Here, in this post, we are going to learn about some of the most important safety tips that you must implement at the time of working with the forestry equipment.

Get PPE On

It is advised to wear personal protection equipment when you are working with chargeuses a bois on any forestry site. It is needed for all workers working on logging places to abide by stringent PPE guidelines. This comprises of hard hats, face and eye protection, body protection and ear protection.

One of the most essential safety devices for logging is personal protection equipment. While you must not rely on it to prevent any accident, but it can definitely assist in prevention of an injury or any type of serious harm to you.

Face and Head Protection

Hard hats are needed to perform a variety of duties performed at the logging site. These hats come with a mesh visor that can assist in safeguarding the eyes and face from flying debris. This is very much needed for workers who operate chainsaws.

Eye protection and ear protection

Repeated and long exposure to loud noise causes hearing loss as well as damage. Use of earplugs and earmuffs isn’t just a needed safety practice but it also helps in the prevention of hearing loss that would happen gradually with time.

Body protection and Leg Protection

It is advised for workers who operate chainsaws to wear leg protection. It is basically a saw chaps that are specialized pant legs that offer protection to the legs. Workers are needed to have a cut- proof gloves and boots.

Check the chain saw

Chainsaws are very sturdy and portable form of cutting tools that are highly dangerous to use. Any worker who uses a chainsaw has to be well acquainted with the safety and mechanics features. It is advisable to always read the safety guidelines and instructions offered by the manufacturer at the starting of the equipment.

Safety Features

Chainsaws come with a wide range of built-in features that are essential for safety. There will be a chain brake, which is needed to stop the chain at the time of receiving a kickback. Chainsaws come with a hand guard and chain catcher that offer added layer of protection if the chain derails or breaks.


Whether it is meant for the body or the equipment, using the right safety practice will definitely assist in the prevention of critical and fatal injuries.

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