How to Choose the Right Generator

If you are deciding to buy a generator, they are an excellent way for ensuring power during sudden blackouts and help to offer power to those places where electrical service is not an option. A generator is a device that is used to produce electricity. It is usually made up of an electric generator and an engine which are mounted together. It can be used as the auxiliary or the main source of energy sources, efficiently and reliably, for any kind of application. But you need to choose the right generator from a reputable source like Power Systems in Australia. They even manufacture their own custom-built power generators in Melbourne, including containerized solutions that are customized as well as engineered to their customer needs.

Choosing a generator

In order to choose the right generator adapted to your requirement, you should know the power required by the equipment that needs to be connected to it. You must also know the type of power supply, which is either a single-phase or three phases.

When you are looking for the right generator, you even need to determine whether you require a stationary or a mobile set. It is important to define the motor type. For example, go for gasoline if you are on the lookout for a small compact generator set. On the other hand, choose a diesel engine, in case, you need a large generator or a turbine or a gas engine if such energy source is available and you want to go economical and a less polluting generator.

You even need to find out, whether you require voltage regulation. Such systems help to smooth the output voltage, in order to avoid any damage to the electronic equipment which will be connected to the generator.

Here are some other characteristics to consider choosing a generator:

  • Inverter technology

Such technology allows you to easily adapt the motor speed to the equipment consumption and even allows you to optimize the best use of your generator.

  • Voltage regulation

The cheaper generators are not equipped with a proper output voltage regulation system. Without such a regulation system, any equipment connected to the generator can get damaged, especially when its electronic components are super sensitive to over-voltages. So, you must choose well-known generator manufacturers like Power Systems in Australia. It is advisable to check that your generator is equipped with an AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to avoid any damage to your equipment.

  • Portability

The smaller generator models are mostly portable, weighing approx. 20 kilos. Then, slightly larger ones are considered mobile and are often equipped with wheels, so that they can be moved easily. High-power generators are available in transferable models: their structure is designed in such a way that they are movable with a forklift truck, and so can be containerized. But some heavier, powerful and large models are not designed to be moved after the installation, they are stationary models.

If you are looking for one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of quality generators in Melbourne, contact Power Systems Australia. They offer a wide range of new as well as ex-rental generators, thus providing a “single supplier solution” which caters to all your requirements.

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