Different Types of Industrial Pumps and Their Benefits

There are industrial pumps available of different types meant for a variety of applications. Industrial pump of each type comes with certain advantages that is not offered by any other pumps.

Here in this post we are providing a quick and easy-to-digest kind of way to understand the advantages of each type of industrial pumps.

  • Centrifugal pumps

These pumps are best choice meant for low viscosity liquids and also high flow rates.

  • ANSI process pumps

These pumps incorporate dimensional standardization, that allows for piping, design and foundation to be completed prior to pump suppliers are selected. They also feature more material options as compared to other types.

  • Lobe pumps

These sanitary pumps are best choice for any sanitary applications where viscous liquids which contain fragile solids too, featuring contact with no metal-to-metal in the pump.

  • API process pumps

It can meet all the API 610 requirements that assures reliability and safety for high temperature and high-pressure hydrocarbon applications.

  • Axial flow pumps

This type of pump is the best choice for attaining very high rate of flow at very low head.

  • Booster pumps

Booster pump allows for build-up of extra additional pressure needed for moving the liquid over the long distances.

  • Piston pumps

This is the best choice for those uses where abrasive liquids are involved.

  • Progressive cavity pumps

These pumps are also sometimes referred as pump of the last resort, since it can handle very difficult liquids which other pumps cannot accommodate.

  • Screw pumps

Screw pumps feature highest flow rate for positive displacement pumps.

  • Gear pumps

These pumps are the best choice for any clean oil applications having few moving parts and simple construction.

  • Diaphragm pumps

These pumps are most versatile choice for handling wide liquid ranges that are seal less and may run dry without damaging the pump.

  • Vertical sump pumps

This is also most affordable and cost-effective sump pumps available

  • Vertical turbine pumps

For deep wells this pump is the best choice.

  • Submersible pumps

These pumps are the best choice for those areas that are very prone to flooding.  They also eliminate bearings and column shaft in the column sump pumps.

  • Self-priming pumps

There is no need of any external priming.

  • Multistage pumps

This is currently the best way of getting high pressure with centrifugal pump having lower thrust loads.

  • Magnetic drive pumps

There is no mechanical seals and the design is fully leak-free.

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