Decoding The Role Of A Wireline Service In Oil & Gas Industry!

The oil & gas industry has to rely on diverse services to find more on wells and reservoirs. Wireline services is one of them. Wirelines are basically electric cables that are used to lower tools in the well or are used for transmitting data of the well. Wirelines are not same slicklines, which are non-electric and are used to deliver or retrieve tools downhole. Wirelines are more used for logging, as well. Many services may specialize in options like FracLock, and in this post, we are discussing further on what wireline services mean for the oil & gas industry.

Why are wireline services required?

The need for wireline services can be unique in each case, but typically, it is usually about well intervention, evaluation and other tasks such as pipe recovery. To get that done, wireline tools are used, which help in in taking and bringing any instrument in and out of the well as required. Wireline tools are typically used for evaluating reservoir, for pressure and heat measurement, to find location of casting collars, or simply to collect samples.

Finding a good service provider

There are many wireline services in the world, but as in any industry, not all are same. It is absolutely necessary to understand the expertise of a concerned company in the basin and local region and their capability to handle all kinds of wells and diverse climatic challenges. The company must also have a credible safety record and a core team that’s trained, mentored and certified to carry out respective roles. A company’s ability to offer tech support and be available for the concerned client are aspects to consider too.

Final word

Wireline services have a tough job at hand, given that well pressure and heat can be often high and that can have consequences on the tools and equipment used. However, they do some of the very basic tasks that are required to keep the industry going, and most oil and gas companies rely on them from time to time to know their wells better. Also, it does help that these services are readily accessible, so wells can be evaluated, samples can be taken and all other tasks can be done on time, without waiting for pressure or heat to subside. Most of the better wireline services are experienced with the challenges that are inherent to reservoirs and wells in this industry and they ensure that business runs smoothly for their clients.

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