4 Underrated Packaging Supplies

Packaging supplies such as adhesive tapes, stretch film and heavy-duty cartons not only do a great job at protecting items during transit or storage, but also reflect the level of care you take when handling valuables. Some packaging supplies are more ubiquitous and highly rated than others, but there are some underrated packaging materials that can not only save you money, but may actually provide your items with better protection. This article will take a look at four of the most underrated packaging supplies.

Stretch Film

While stretch film is heavily relied on when it comes to industrial packaging and warehousing, there are actually more than a few consumer applications for this packaging material. For instance, stretch films are a great alternative packing material to similar materials such as bubble wrap, as film can more readily conform to any item, especially bulky and awkwardly shaped items such as musical instruments and furniture. When layered around an item properly, either by machine or by hand, stretch film provides superior protection compared to similar packaging supplies and is often far more cost-effective and less wasteful in the long run.

Adhesive Tapes

Although adhesive tapes and tape dispensers are a staple packaging supply, they often go overlooked and are not as abundantly kept on hand as some other packaging supplies. Good quality tape not only helps to seal items during storage or transit, but can also provide the items with an added layer of protection. A good tape dispenser will also dramatically speed up the packaging process whilst decreasing the risk of injury when sealing a large volume of boxes and products. Adhesive tapes and tape dispensers are underrated packaging supplies that no warehouse, office or home should be without.

Heavy-Duty Cartons & Boxes

If regular corrugated packaging boxes and cartons seem too flimsy to transport and store your valuable goods, you might want to consider using heavy-duty cartons and boxes instead. Heavy-duty cartons and boxes provide superior protection against crushing and other impacts that often happen during the transit process. These are also ideal for shipping or storing items that are a little on the heavier side, as the bottom of the box is reinforced, meaning the weight of your items won’t cause the box to suddenly spill out when it’s being moved. While regular cartons and boxes are a popular packaging supply, their heavy-duty, reinforced variant often goes unnoticed and is therefore one of the more underrated packaging supplies on the market.

A Great Marker

Easily one of the most overlooked and underrated packaging supplies is a great high-quality permanent marker. A high-quality marker provides you with a way to write instructions on your boxes that can be seen by couriers, or clearly mark your packages for easier sorting and storage. Proper marking and identification of items can prevent them from being lost during transit as well as prevent boxes from being unnecessarily opened during the transit process. Fade resistant, quick-drying markers are also convenient when you’re writing labels to prevent smudging and accidental removal of the marker.

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